Face to the approzch to Nanzenji temple
At the garden restaurant Yachiyo
Enjoy your stay in Kyoto

Year-end party/New Year's party

How about having a delicious and nutritious dish dish for Year-end party? Our banquet rooms "Higashiyama" and "Heian" can hold 80 guests utmost. We have traditional Kyoto cuisine, Sukiyaki, Shabushabu, other kinds of hot pots and all-you can-drink plan. Why don't you have special Year-end party or New Year's party with the garden view made by Jihei Ogawa?


Happy events/Memorial services

Memorial services are important rituals for families. The rituals are changing when time goes by. However, the basic tradition to pray for the person who passed away has not been changed. Please have happy events/memorial services in our rooms with garden view made by Ueji and enjoy Kyoto cuisine. Rooms with garden view 20 guests utmost. Banquet rooms "Higashiyama" and "Heian" 80 guests utmost.

※Cuisine in rooms 【Menu 5000JPY for each】 We charge 10% service fee. 【Menu more than 5000JPY for each】 We charge 15% service fee..


Celebration, Arranged introduction for marriage,Ceremonial exchange of engagement gifts

Yachiyo is close to Heian Jingu Shrine. You can have a special day at Yachiyo which is in the atmosphere of trafitional Kyoto and history. Ceremonial exchange of engagement gift is the first family event for two families. It is very good oppourtunity to communicate. We are happy to assist you. We hope these events will be very good memory for you. For more detailed information, please call us (arrangements and meetings included).

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Yachiyo assists only one couple for one day for the new start of your life. We will make your prescious time richer. The bride can use a room with garden view. The garden was made by Jihei Ogawa. You can stay in the room and use long-established store as an accomodation. You can have Japanese traditional wedding ceremony. In addition, Japanese style tables and chairs are available at the wedding ceremony venue.

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For business use

The building of Yachiyo was a second house. Our guests from abroad enjoy our garden view. -Jihei Ogawa Chisensansui shiki garden- Since we have 4000 guests from abroad, we will be flexible about menu. If you do not feel like sitting down on your knees, we have Japanese style chairs. Rooms with garden view "TAKE" "KIKU" "MATSU" "YUGIRI" (1st floor, 2nd floor)

※【Up to 5000JPY menu in rooms】: We charge10% service fee.【 Over 5000JPY menu in rooms】: We charge 15% service fee.


Welcome party/Farewell party/Reunion party

How about having welcome, farewell, and reunion parties at Yachiyo? We have banquet rooms "Higashiyama and "Heian" (80 guests utmost). You can have Kaiseki, Sukiyaki, Shabushabu and all-you-can-drink plans.