Please enjoy seasonal Kyoto cuisine and yudofu (tofu in hot pot) with Seiryu garden view. Our restaurant is the place where you can enjoy both Kyoto cuisine and garden which was made by gardener Ueji. We have tables and chairs' steats along with the approach to Nanzenji, horigotatsu -Kabuki steats imaged- which means tatami mats where you can put down your legs, and ozashiki -tatami mats seats- with lightened up seiryu garden view.


【Tables and chairs】

The space consists of glass and pillars and its concept is the porch.

【Horigotatsu -Tatami mats where you can put down your legs-】

Garden restaurant's Horigotatsu seats' concept is Kabuki and Noh.

【Ozashiki -Tatami mats-】

You can enjoy garden and Kyoto cuisine. Garden is created by the view of Higashiyama and clear streams. Especially, the garden will be splendid during cherry blossoms, fresh green, and colored leaves.

【Garden terrace】

We hope you can feel Kyoto seasons at the garden terrace which is outside and along with the garden made by gardender Ueji and Shidare zakura weeping cherry trees terrace.

【Seiryu teien garden】

You can see beautiful seasonal flowers at seiryu teien garden. We keep the garden view from Higashiyama as it was long time ago. You can enjoy mystic and profound ambience in the lightened up garden at night.

Simple and refined main rooms are followed by tea rooms. Even if we are in Kyoto city, its atmosphere is very peaceful. Big lanterns at the main entrance are impressive. We welcome our guests with well treated garden and seasonal flowers. You can enjoy the garden made by gardener Ueji (Jiehi Ogawa) and Higashiyama in different seasons.

Japanese style rooms